The Mind's Desire

by Mental Fracture

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Mental Fracture's debut EP “The Mind’s Desire” came out on February 2019, featuring 5 songs, all of which recorded in Ori’s bedroom. Its lyrics take on the concept of creation, and the mind wanting to break free so that it may leave an everlasting mark on this world.
The album is self-produced and self-released and available on Spotify, Apple Music, Youtube, and Bandcamp. We shot two video clips, one for the title track - The Mind’s Desire, and the other one for the second track - Genesis. The videos show the actual recording process.

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released February 23, 2019

Keys/Vocals - Ori Mazuz
Guitars - Yogev Shpilman
Bass - Philip Tzukerman
Drums - Chai Maller
Special thanks to Chanan Merari who helped with the lyrics


all rights reserved



Mental Fracture Israel

Mental Fracture was funded in Rishon LeZion, Israel, in 2010.
We are playing complex, energetic, and heavy music, never afraid to incorporate a new kind of weirdness in our music.
Our songs vary, constantly changing their genre, featuring Jazz, Oriental music and Synth, surrounded in rock and metal atmosphere.
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Track Name: The Mind's Desire
Lured to infinity
By the things that surround me
Inside this cage, I lay my head
It’s still not time for this to end

Whispers passing ear to ear
In the silence, fear comes near
Another day, I break down and cry
How hard to get out and easy to get inside

Beyond the tears of sad hazel eyes
Lay the truth I’ve always looked for
Already searched between dozens of lies
Only to find out the answer is not there anymore

I tried to figure out a way outside
I’ve got nothing to lose, leave it all behind

In darkest times disturbing thoughts arise
The weak hands and the bloodshot eyes

Running out of stability
The inspiration murdered by a routine

Wandering about the consequences
Of my mind’s desires and my blurry senses

Like moth to fire
Too close to the mire
Driven by disaster
To a judgment far from fair

Outside, a free mind isn’t dead
Promise I will make it to the end
Seeking consolation
Only in the sound of voices in my head
Track Name: In The Eye Of The Creator
Left alone with memories
Dreaming of a distant past
All alone for countless years
Too long for my mind to grasp

Maybe I will make for me
a place that I could call my own
An everlasting mystery
and minds to seek the answer to it all

A brand new world

A world full of pain and pleasure
waiting to unfold.

I will have heroic deeds
and crimes all taken in my name
Never understanding that for me
all of it's just a game

I've cast away all the lessons I have learned
Every thought I have, I simply cast upon them
Never listening to a word they say
Tormenting those I have made in my image

I'll be hated and feared
I'll be loved and revered
Yet I will never be seen

Would it be a surprise
When my children rebel
Turn their eyes to the stars

Become neglectful gods themselves

To separate from me
They'll make a world to call their own

I'll be hated and feared
I'll be loved and revered
Yet I will never be seen

Would it be a surprise
When my children rebel
And create their own gods

So I can be replaced

A shiny new creator
So they can reinvent themselves
Track Name: Poetic Hate
The skies are blocked from view
By the sound of your descriptions
You describe too much

That you can barely see the starts
And you're just sitting there and think that
Quoting scripts it what you need to tell the world
It's what in your heart

Welcome me to the abyss
Into your true self
In the eye of the storm

And accept that not all your feelings
Were meant to be put
Into words

The sound of every breath you take
Corrodes my mind so slowly
Seeping through your pen and teeth
Are oh, so many lies

But maybe this is simply just because you're that lonely
Quoting every day is just a blessing in disguise
You hide behind so many existential questions
You really think these are your feelings and beliefs
Standing on your guard behind barriers of sophistication
You're hiding from me the truth
That all in all
You're just a thief

Welcome me to the abyss
Into your true self
In the eye of the storm

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